Bobby’s Story

When I was ten, I lost my father to a massive heart attack; completely unannounced, and by complete surprise. With all the pain I was feeling, I was so concerned with the fact that there must be millions of other people going through this. I wanted to make a difference.

Three days after losing my dad, at ten years old, I started Have a Heart. My mom helped me finance ordering 1,000 silicone bracelets that said “Have a Heart” on them. I went door to door selling these bracelets, with the goal of donating all the money.

In just two short weeks, I was able to sell all of these bracelets and raise over $2,000. I took the money directly to the American Heart Association and donated all of the money I raised. At ten years old, I felt like I was making a difference.

As I grew up, I started to realize that the grieving process never ends; it only changes. After ten years of grieving, I was still facing new problems because of my father’s death. One of these was my college tuition.

Once again, I was concerned with the fact that there were 1 million other college students who were feeling this struggle. That is when Have a Heart was reborn; with the mission of giving scholarships to students who have lost a parent to heart disease.

Starting and growing Have a Heart has helped with my grieving process, and it has given me a platform to help others with theirs. I am excited for this journey, and I hope you are too.

Forever trying to change the world,

Bobby Palmieri